P&LE Railroad - Fogg Paintings

Following the completion of his MONON paintings Fogg was enjoying considerable fame as a rail artist accepting commissions from individuals, railroads, railroad authors and corporations for paintings, postcards, book illustrations, and greeting cards.

In the mid-1950’s the New York Central commissioned Fogg to complete a series of Pittsburgh & Lake Erie themed paintings for display in railroad offices and board room. The P&LE was for many years a small but highly profitable regional railroad serving the steel industry in the greater Pittsburgh, PA – Youngstown, OH area. Although the railroad operated independently under its own corporate identity, the P&LE was in fact an operating subsidiary of the much larger New York Central system. In its heyday the P&LE flourished carrying coal, coke, iron ore, limestone and other commodities involved in steel making as well as being a bridge route for traffic originating beyond its terminus points. With the shrinking of the American steel industry in the latter part of the 20th century resulting in the so-called RUST BELT, the P&LE was soon deemed expendable and ceased formal operations in 1992. What trackage still exists today in spots is now part of CSX.

Like Fogg’s earlier MONON work the P&LE paintings were also made into postcards in standard size chrome format again by the Curt Teich Corporation in Chicago. Production was just over a decade in length spanning the years 1957-1968. The message half of each postcard is imprinted with the logo of the NYC and a description of the subject content of the painting. The postcards, like their MONON predecessors, are unnumbered but contain the Curteich production numbers providing for an identity and year of production.

While the early focus was on the P&LE and its industries and service area, some additional postcards in the series feature scenes in other parts of the New York Central system.

Towards the end of his P&LE production, Fogg also accepted another railroad commission from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas for similar artwork. While I now believe my P&LE/NYC checklist to be complete, I have added four additional postcards featuring the MKT effort. Very similar in format to the P&LE postcards their numbering indicates manufacture was 1965-1968. One of the four postcards in my collection is postally used with the stamp obscuring the production number. If and when ever identified, a correction will be made to the listing. I am also less certain at this time as to how many other MKT scenes may exist. More may yet come to light. I have also seen three Christmas themed P&LE images that may have been originally intended for uses other than corporate paintings. Their production into postcards was by Curt Teich but in their P Series numbering format and date 1957-1959.

YearCT NumberDescription
19577CK- 287Car Dumper of H. Barstow Co., Chicago, Illinois
19588CK- 673Extra West Picking Up Cars at Aliquippa Yard
19588CK- 674Morning Steel King Cleveland to Pittsburgh, South Heights, Pa.
19588CK- 675Afternoon Steel King Pittsburgh to Cleveland, South Heights, Pa.
19588CK- 676Industrial Switching on Ohio River Branch, Kobuta Works of Koppers
19588CK- 677Mine Run Pickup Service, Banning No. 2 Colliery, Jacobs Creek, Pa.
19588CK- 678Lowellville Works, Sharon Steel Corporation, Near Youngstown, Ohio
19588CK- 679College Curve Along Beaver River West of Beaver Falls, Pa.
19588CK- 680Night Scene at Throat of Gateway Yard, Near Youngstown, Ohio
19588CK- 799West Portal of Tunnel Under Jones & Laughlin Steel, Pittsburgh, Pa.
19588CK -924Mills of Homestead District Works Surround Main Line
19588CK-1785Pittsburgh Steel Company, Monessen, Pa.
19588CK-1913Blast Furnaces of Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Youngstown, Ohio
19588CK-2095Zinc Smelting Division of St. Joseph Lead Co., Josephtown, Pa.
19599CK-1675Blast Furnaces of Republic Steel Co., Youngstown, Ohio
19599CK-1676Edgar Thomson Works, United States Steel, Braddock, Pa.
19599CK-1677Blast Furnaces, National Tube Division USS, McKeesport, Pa.
19599CK-1678Mesta Machine Co., Homestead, Pa.
19599CK-1679Campbell Works of Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Youngstown, Ohio
19599CK-1680Loveridge Mine of the Consolidation Coal Co. Near Fairview, WV
19600DK- 149Industrial Scene Along Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
19600DK- 150Beaver Station and Ohio River Bridge, Beaver Falls, Pa.
19600DK- 151Ohio Works, United States Steel, Youngstown, Ohio
19600DK- 866Aerial View of Pittsburgh Steel At Monessen, Pa.
19600DK- 893Train NY-2, "The Early Bird" Crossing Peekskill Draw Bridge
19600DK-1050Neville Island Plant of Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical Company
19600DK-1051Distribution Center of General Foods Corporation, Boardman, Ohio
19600DK-1052Duquesne Works of the United States Steel Corporation
19600DK-1053Carrie Furnaces of United States Steel Corporation
19611DK- 95Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle - Christmas 1960
19611DK- 96Roemer Works of Sharon Steel Corporation
19611DK- 97Clairton Works of United States Steel Corporation
19611DK- 295Structural Steel Works of Bethlehem Steel Co., Rankin, Pa.
19622DK- 65Koppel Plant of Babcock & Wilcox Company
19622DK- 66Medusa Portland Cement Company: Crescentdale Plant
19622DK- 67P&LE 2-8-4 Berkshire Type Locomotive, Dickerson Run, 1948
19622DK- 68Christmas Eve 1961 - McKees Rocks Locomotive Shop
19622DK- 256Campbell Works of Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Youngstown, Ohio
19622DK- 841Niagara Type 4-8-4 on The Empire State Express Along Hudson River
19622DK- 842An Eighty Mile an Hour Drink - Scooping Water From Track Pans
19622DK-1366The Steam Locomotive Speed King
19622DK-1821Federal No. 1 Mine Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates, Grant Town, WV
19622DK-1822Blast Furnaces At Aliquippa Works
19633DK- 355Collieries of Pickands, Mather & Co., Mather, Pa.
19633DK- 356Colonial Steel Division of Vanadium-Alloys Steel Company, Monaca, Pa.
19633DK- 357Ellwood City Branch overhead crossing of P&LE's main line, near Wampum, Pa.
19633DK- 358Lewis Foundry and Machine Division of Blaw-Knox Co., Coraopolis, Pa.
19633DK- 359P&LE Terminal and General Office Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.
19633DK-1009Banning No. 4 Mine of Republic Steel Corporation near West Newton, Pa.
19633DK-1010Pittsburgh Forgings Company, Coraopolis
19644DK- 175Pittsburgh Plant, Fisher Body Plant of General Motors Corporation
19644DK- 176Newell Plant, General Chemical Division of Allied Chemical Corporation
19644DK- 177Irwin Works of United States Steel Corporation
19644DK- 178A Christmas Memory of the Age of Steam
19644DK- 405New York Central Multi-Level Automobile Train…Scenic Hudson Valley
19644DK- 503WB Coal Train Rounds College Curve Near Beaver Falls, Pa.
19644DK- 573NYC's Missourian Arriving at Staatsburg, NY After Run From St. Louis
19644DK- 574NYC's "20th Century Limited" Between Elkhart, Ind. and Toledo, O.
19644DK- 575New York Central passenger train along the Hudson River. Near Bear Mt., N.Y.
19644DK- 594NYC's Night Freight for Boston
19644DK- 595Berkshire Hills Milk Run on NYC's Harlem Division
19644DK- 596Interchange With Western Maryland, Dickerson Run, Connellsville, Pa.
19644DK- 785Federal Enameling & Stamping Company, McKees Rocks, Pa.
19644DK- 786Port Perry (Pittsburgh, Pa.) - Point of Maximum freight concentration….
19655DK-1035M-K-T Crossing Red River at Denison, Texas
19666DK- 725M-K-T Cars Being Loaded, Pittsburg & Midway Mine No. 19, Mineral, KS
19688DK-1035M-K-T Freight Train Passing Denison, Texas
STAMPA Katy Freight Train Arriving In Yard At Christmas
D-11486NYC #4204 Passenger Train Passing Children Building Snowman
D-11842Christmas Mail - 1907 - Stoops Ferry, Pa.
D-12211The Christmas Season Arrives At Gateway Yard