One of my hobbies is old cemeteries and I truly enjoy visiting different ones especially when it is located outside my geographic area. I suspect part of the joy is the thrill of discovery in not knowing what you are going to find. Usually I will have my camera with me for photographing interesting tombstones and grave markers and often find myself musing about wishing the tombstone could talk and fill me in on the background story surrounding the monument and the occupant(s) of the grave. Some will leave me so fascinated or provide clues for a story that before leaving the area I will visit the local library or historical society seeking reference materials or upon my return home will be on the Internet furthering my quest for information.

If Tombstones Could Talk will be a series of brief articles of anecdotal fact exploring these background stories about some of the more intriguing tombstones found in my cemetery visitations. Often it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction or reconcile conflicting accounts. I have done my best to present a factual account keeping in mind that my efforts are merely from a hobbyist perspective. It is mainly my hope to share my enthusiasm for cemeteries, photography, postcard collecting and history from different areas and eras. Perhaps my comments will even lead to your wanting to plan a visit on your own to one of these monuments.

The term tombstone is used in a general form and refers to any tombstone, grave marker or monument regardless of size, shape or composition.

Illustrations are my own photographs or scanned historical postcards.

  1. Allison Tombstone, Presbyterian Cemetery, Port Carbon, Pennsylvania
  2. The Powell Squib Factory Disaster Monument, Shawnee Cemetery, Plymouth, Pennsylvania
  3. A Triple Grave, Eastern Cemetery, Portland Maine
  4. General James B. McPherson Tombstone, McPherson Cemetery, Clyde, Ohio
  5. Col. Elmer Ellsworth Monument, Hudson Cemetery, Mechanicsville, New York
  6. Charles Abbott Monument, Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, New Jersey
  7. Richard Ira Bong Tombstone, Poplar Cemetery, Poplar, Wisconsin
  8. Varina Anne Davis, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia