Whitman's Phototypes

A Whitman’s Phototype is a black and white postcard produced circa.1937-1945 and printed on a Collotype Press. They were preceded by an earlier series (1931-1937) simply identified as Colortypes, Williamsport, Pa. although in the same black and white format. Whitman’s Phototypes were published by Harry M. Whitman of Canton, Pennsylvania, a small town in the southwestern corner of rural Bradford County.

Harry M. Whitman (1877-1947) was the son of William M. Whitman, a Canton pharmacist by profession. Raised in a middle-class environment Harry could basically be called an entrepreneur beginning at an early age. In 1891 at age 13 he and a teenage friend began publishing a small two column local newspaper sold on Saturdays. Eventually growing to become the Canton World, Whitman published once a week from the paper’s inception in 1891 through 1914. Declining revenues forced a revised publishing schedule in 1915 with the paper then coming out semi-weekly. By the end of 1915 small town newspapers were struggling to exist and the Canton World being no different ceased publication altogether.

Early census lists from the latter part of the 19th century show that William M. Whitman, his wife and family resided with a John Mix and wife on a residential street in Canton. John Mix was also a Canton pharmacist and at 24 years senior in age to William was probably his employer. The bond between the two druggists must have been good to share housing and upon the birth of Harry, the Whitmans chose Mix to be the infant’s middle name.

There is not much known about Harry’s life at the turn of the century. Again a review of census records show that he was an electrician by trade and had married Ella M. Foster, a union that produced no children.

John Mix had died in 1888 and by 1910 William Whitman, too, was deceased. Harry was now running the pharmacy under his own ownership. Upon the collapse of the newspaper and still possessing an entrepreneurial spirit Whitman formed a partnership with fellow electrician Horace Craven to found an independent telephone company serving Canton. The phone company like his earlier publishing efforts was located on the second floor of the pharmacy located in the heart of Canton at the intersection of Main and Troy Streets.

Harry had an older brother Fred, a printer by profession, who had left Canton circa.1910 and relocated to Williamsport to pursue a second career as a pharmaceutical salesman. It was in this location that Colortypes first appeared in 1931. My first inclination was that Fred was the publisher of these Colortypes but subsequent research revealed that Fred prematurely passed away in 1916 at age 46 and was returned to Canton for burial. The actual publisher of these postcards is not known at this time. All of these early Colortypes feature a primitive back with blank shield and a publisher imprint along the far left edge. The imprint simply stated “Colortypes”. P.O. Box 238, Williamsport, Pa.

First Format

Ownership is nothing more than speculation at this point but Harry and Ella did re-locate to Williamsport in 1935. At about this time the imprint changed from P.O. Box 238 to P.O. Box 744. Now one can wonder if Harry with his printing background took over production upon arriving in Williamsport and P.O, Box 744 was in fact his address.

Second Format

The back side design had also changed with POST CARD in simple block lettering appearing at top center, a descriptive caption at top of the message half and a publisher imprint now dividing the back side into two halves. First it was a continuation of the Colortypes imprint with the original post office address, then it was replaced with the new address and finally some but not many replaced “Colortypes” with “Phototypes”. Text was clean and simple but sometimes varied in size and some imprints were printed in bold as opposed to standard type.

Harry and Ella relocated back to Canton in 1937 and the new Whitman’s Phototype imprint replaced Colortypes. In fact, the change was actually made before leaving Williamsport with a handful printed showing the imprint Whitman’s Phototypes, Williamsport, Pa. Soon Canton, Pa. replaced Williamsport once the move back home was complete. The imprint remained constant for the remainder of the production with one exception. A lone card showing the Susquehanna River from atop the Wyalusing Rocks is imprinted © Harry M. Whitman, Canton, Pa. A second printing of the same view also shows the imprint as © H.M. Whitman, Canton, Pa. This postcard is the only one I have ever seen bearing Whitman’s full name.


FirstImprint SecondImprint
ThirdImprint FourthImprint
FifthImprint SixthImprint

Whitman’s Phototypes were produced through approximately 1945 when changing tastes and the emergence of the colored chrome postcard at the end of World War II brought an almost complete halt to black and white postcard production. Whitman may have also been in declining health by this time as his death occurred in 1947 following by one year the death of his wife Ella. Both are buried in the East Canton Cemetery.

There was a postcard production company in Elizabeth, New Jersey at this time called the Collotype Corporation that produced large quantities of black and white postcards using the Collotype printing process. The publisher imprint on these postcards never identifies any local publisher or vendor rather crediting the company itself in Elizabeth. Whitman’s Phototypes are difficult to distinguish from Collotypes but always carry the Whitman imprint on the reverse side.

I once found a reference in the Bradford County Historical Society archives that said Whitman had a printing press in the post-Canton World days that was now located in the basement of the Canton pharmacy. Still to be resolved is whether Whitman’s press was a Collotype enabling him to print his own postcards or whether he used the larger and more commercial Collotype Corporation while maintaining his own publisher imprint. Until proven different I tend to lean towards his own in-house production based on the lack of local publisher imprints on Collotypes and the subject matter of a handful of his postcards. They suggest very small print runs and lead me to conclude that Whitman may well have offered small lot press runs perhaps numbering no more than 100-200 while mass producing others for the tourist trade. If my assessment is accurate it is difficult to believe that a 200 card press run would have been economical enough to produce using a commercial company such as Collotype.

McCrearyA possible example of a small press run may be this view of a man standing with his hand on a pump handle. The card is labeled simply S.W. McGarvey, New Freedom, Pennsylvania. A Google search for S.W. McGarvey revealed that he was a minister and Mid-Atlantic District Superintendent of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. In the late 1930’s the church had purchased the Summit Grove Christian Camp in New Freedom. Other Whitman views of the camp exist but are more readily found than this single view. It may indeed have been a small print run of 100-200 postcards for Rev. McGarvey’s own use.

My own Whitman’s Phototypes collection began in 1988 when I purchased two Towanda, Pa. views showing the Susquehanna River, Table Rock Mountain and the Bridge Street Bridge. In a collection now twenty-five years in the making I have acquired 450+ Colortypes or Whitman’s Phototypes and know of seven others sold on EBAY or located in institutional collections. Unfortunately Whitman’s Phototypes are neither numbered nor otherwise organized to shed any light on how many different postcards were actually produced. When I first began collecting Whitman’s Phototypes I thought I was looking for Pennsylvania localities only. In fact, it seemed that his publishing territory was the greater Susquehanna River Valley including both North and West branches reaching to Port Allegany on the west and Montrose on the east. Thus, the hunt continued searching out known Pennsylvania locations identified to date. That all changed in the late 1990’s when a friend, fellow collector and postcard dealer (Dan Duffy) called from Virginia Beach, VA to ask if I had ever heard of Lake Lure, NC. When I replied “no”, he said that “apparently your boy Whitman did because I have acquired a Lake Lure hotel postcard bearing his imprint for Canton, Pa.”

Lake LureWhat had I been missing I wondered? How many other non-Pennsylvania locations existed? The search was on albeit slowly and unsuccessfully at first. But by now I was fairly adept at identifying a Whitman or a Collotype by its image side appearance. It was at a Florida postcard show that I stumbled into the Mother Lode finding several Florida and Virginia locations plus one from Georgia. As the search continued over the next 3-4 years checking dealer boxes at postcard shows, state archives, on-line library postcard collections and EBAY, I soon developed a list of non-Pennsylvania locations for Whitman produced postcards, and the search became more productive with many additional postcards rapidly being added to my collection. In addition to Pennsylvania the state list now includes Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and New York. Most recently I stumbled across a single card from Lisbon, New Hampshire of all places showing a girl’s camp. Did some female friend or family member attend this camp in her youth and Whitman was there with his camera to add a card to his line-up? Again, I suspect a small press run for this postcard.

There were a number of postcards issued for Bradford County locations but only a small number seen to date for his hometown of Canton, and three of them are not in town but views of nearby Lake Nepahwin where the Whitmans maintained a summer cottage.

Many Whitman postcards are of scenery especially in Pennsylvania and New York. In southern states, Florida and Georgia excluded, he seems to have concentrated on historical venues. All are produced from actual photographs although two seen to date are of paintings – one showing George Washington in military uniform kneeling at his mother’s knee; the other showing Barbara Fritchie of Frederick, Maryland at age 92. The paintings are located in Fredericksburg, VA and Frederick, MD respectfully. The majority of Whitman’s Phototypes feature no text on the image side of the postcard but there are exceptions, probably a requirement of sale to the prospective client. Most with image side imprints are of commercial establishments.

What perhaps makes Whitman’s Phototypes a unique collection is his additional emphasis on roadside Americana especially small family operated inns and tourist homes. This is especially true for places like Daytona Beach in Florida where perhaps Whitman accompanied by his camera made personal vacations profitable. Largely gone today, these inns and tourist homes have been replaced by hotel and motel chains such as Holiday Inn and Best Western. Whitman’s Phototypes are then a bit unique in that they document life in towns and smaller cities in the United States during the Depression, an era that due to its economic suffering and lack on money produced a much smaller number of postcards than the period 1900-1930.

Whitman’s Phototypes by name remain largely unknown to the collecting community and postcard dealers alike. Whitman’s Phototypes aren’t necessarily shunned by collectors but in that they are black and white printed postcards they do not command high prices. It’s an affordable collection to assemble with prices mostly running from $2.00 to $5.00 each (EBAY excluded). The most I ever paid was $18.00 for a Florida view and $20.00 for a Pennsylvania view both at postcard shows. The $18.00 view I have since seen one time on EBAY priced at $23.95. However, I have seen two additional Whitman’s Phototypes on EBAY that realized a final closing price of over $100.00 each. In both cases I believe it was subject matter rather than being a Whitman’s Phototype that took the price over the $100.00 threshold. Realized prices such as that, EBAY or otherwise, are certainly the exception rather than the rule.

To me Harry Whitman is special. First and foremost, he is an upthewoods postcard publisher. Secondly, he documents the Depression era, a period of significant interest to me that will become more evident with my coming Silvercraft and Wayne Paperbox Printing checklists. Perhaps also, it’s the thrill of the hunt finding previously undiscovered locations never knowing when and where another Whitman Phototype will surface. How many more exist yet to be discovered I do not know. The hunt continues, and Harry M. Whitman continues to bring me much pleasure in pursuing my postcard collecting hobby.

Following is my data base of known Colortypes, Phototypes and Whitman’s Phototypes. Filters are included to allow you to quickly focus on specific locales by state or community. Additions to the list are always solicited. The data base is then followed by a small gallery of my “better” Whitman’s.


Pennsylvania Whitman Card List

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Card TypeStateCityDescription
Whitman's PhototypesPAAlbaTwin Tree Farm
Whitman's PhototypesPAAthensBrennan Chiropratic Health Home
Whitman's PhototypesPAAthensHotel Bonney
Whitman's PhototypesPABald Eagle ValleyView Bald Eagle Valley from Skytop on US 322 west of State College
ColortypePABellefonte (Nr.)Allegheny Street
Whitman's PhototypesPABellefonte (Nr.)Seven Mountains (Route 322) bet. Bellefonte & Lewistown
Whitman's PhototypesPABellefonte (Nr.)Seven Mountains: Laurel Run
ColortypePABerwickAmerican Car and Foundry Plant: The Rebel Streamlined Train (r/o)
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickAmerican Car and Foundry Plant: The Rebel Streamlined Train (l/o)
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickAmerican Car and Foundry Plant: Two Rebel Trainsets Side by Side
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickAmerican Car and Foundry Plant
ColortypePABerwickBerwick - Nescopeck Bridge
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickBerwick City Hospital
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickCouncil Cup on the Susquehanna
ColortypePABerwickFirst Methodist Episcopal Church
ColortypePABerwickFirst Presbyterian Church
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickHigh School Building
ColortypePABerwickNescopeck Gap
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickPost Office
ColortypePABerwickPublic Library and City Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickSlovak Girls' Academy
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickThe Hotel Berwick
Whitman's PhototypesPABerwickView of Susquehanna From Council Cup
ColortypePABloomsburgBloomsburg State Teachers College
Whitman's PhototypesPABloomsburgCity Hospital
ColortypePABloomsburgHotel Magee - Leader Store
Whitman's PhototypesPABloomsburgState Teachers College
ColortypePABlossburgTrail Top Park: Dining Room
Whitman's PhototypesPABoalsburgHistoric Boalsburg Tavern
Whitman's PhototypesPABoalsburgHistoric Boalsburg Tavern: Sitting Room Interior View
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: Dirt Road Scene w/Signpost For Camp
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: Horsemanship
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: Intermediate and Senior Campers
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: Main Lodge, Campers on Porch
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: Senior League Basketball
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: The King's Court (Tennis)
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: Spring Fed Tripp Lake Swimming and Boating
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: Spring Fed Tripp Lake Water Activities at Dock
ColortypePABrackneyCamp Susquehannock: View of Tripp Lake From Lodge
Whitman's PhototypesPABrackneyOrchard Lawn Inn
ColortypePABurlingtonElm Street
ColortypePABurlingtonJ.H. Campbell General Store/Post Office
ColortypePABurlingtonThe Methodist Episcopol Church
ColortypePABurlingtonThe Morse Tourist Home
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonLake Nephawin: Lake Drive
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonLake Nephawin: Looking Through The Trees
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonLake Nephawin: Noted For Beautiful Sunsets
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonLake Nephawin: The Rocks Across The Lake
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonLake Nephawin: View #1
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonLake Nephawin: View #2
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonMain Street
Whitman's PhototypesPACantonMountain View on Route 14 Near Canton
Whitman's PhototypesPACanton View of Cedar Ledge Rocks
Whitman's PhototypesPACanton (Near)Along Minnequa Trail (No. 14) Between Canton and Williamsport Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPACanton (Near)Shaffer's Truck Stop on PA Route 14
Whitman's PhototypesPACarlislePresbyterian Home of Central Pennsylvania: Carlisle Annex
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgCabin in Which President James Buchanan Was Born
ColortypesPAChambersburgFalling Spring Presbyterian Church - Close-In View
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgFalling Spring Presbyterian Church - Distant
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgFalling Spring Presbyterian Church - Interior
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgKittochtinny Inn
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgKittochtinny Inn: Three Interior and Exterior Views
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgMonument, Public Square
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgPenn Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgPenn Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgPenn Hall: Administration Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgPenn Hall: Air View
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgPenn Hall: Arts Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgPenn Hall: Entrance to Main and Arts Building
ColortypePAChambersburgPenn Hall: Main Entrance
ColortypePAChambersburgPenn Hall: Pergola
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgPresbyterian Church of Falling Spring
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgRocky Spring Presbyterian Church
ColortypePAChambersburgRocky Spring Presbyterian Church: Interior
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgRocky Spring Presbyterian Church: Interior
ColortypePAChambersburgWilson College: Campus (Entrance Gate)
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgWilson College: Entrance
ColortypePAChambersburgWilson College: Music Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAChambersburgWilson College: Recitation Building
ColortypePAChambersburgWilson College: Riddle Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAClarks FerryAmity Hall Inn
ColortypePAClarks FerryClarks Ferry Bridge Over the Susquehanna
Whitman's PhototypesPACogan StationPowey's Amusement Park (See Also Poweys, PA)
ColortypePADanvilleBeautifuil Rier View Below Danville (Susquehanna River)
ColortypePADanvilleDanville State Hospital
ColortypePADanvilleThe George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital
ColortypePADauphinPeters Mountain
Whitman's PhototypesPADushoreStreet Scene With Tree at Intersection
Whitman's PhototypesPADushoreStreet Scene Without Tree at Intersection
Whitman's PhototypesPAEagles MereCrestmont Inn
Whitman's PhototypesPAEagles MereTicklish Rock Near Eagles Mere, Penna.
ColortypePAFallsMartin's Chicken and Waffle Shop: Porch View
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleCaledonia Golf Course From Porch of Graeffenburg Inn
ColortypePAFayettevilleCaledonia State Park
ColortypePAFayettevilleCaledonia State Park: Log Cabin Inn
ColortypePAFayettevilleCaledonia State Park: The Falls
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleGraeffenburg Inn
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleGreenwood Hills Bible Conference Grounds: The Tabernacle
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleGreenwood Hills Inn: Closeup View
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleGreenwood Hills Inn: Distant View
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleGreenwood Hills Inn: The Lobby (Interior View)
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleGreenwood Hills: The Chapel
ColortypePAFayettevilleLog Cabin Inn
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn
ColortypePAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn (w/text imprint)
ColortypePAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn: Bird's Eye View
ColortypePAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn: Entrance
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn: Swimming Pool (View 1)
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn: Swimming Pool (View 2)
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn: Swimming Pool (View 3)
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn: The Cottages
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevillePiney Mountain Inn: Three View Card
Whitman's PhototypesPAFayettevilleRear of Inn, Chatterbox, Tennis Courts
Whitman's PhototypesPAForksvilleWhirls End (sic) Between Laporte and Forksville
Whitman's PhototypesPAForksvilleWhirls End (sic): The Pool
Whitman's PhototypesPAForksvilleWhirls End Park (sic)
Whitman's PhototypesPAForksvilleWhirls End Park (sic): Swimming Pool
Whitman's PhototypesPAForksvilleWooded Highway Along Loyal Sock (sic)
Whitman's PhototypesPAFrench AzilumLa Grande Maison or The Queen's House
Whitman's PhototypesPAFrench AzilumMarker at Marie Antoinette - Imprint Variety No. 1
Whitman's PhototypesPAFrench AzilumMarker on Roosevelt Highway - Imprint Variety No. 2
Whitman's PhototypesPAFrench AzilumQuestion Mark in the Susquehanna
Whitman's PhototypesPAFrench AzilumThe Question Mark (Large Buds in Foreground)
ColortypePAFrench AzilumView
Whitman's PhototypesPAFrench AzilumView along Susquehanna River near Lake Wesauking Lodge
ColortypePAFrench AzilumView from Marie Antoinette Lookout
ColortypePAFrench AzilumView of French Azilum From Twin Cuts
Whitman's PhototypesPAGrand CanyonView Looking Down Pine Creek From Harrison Lookout
ColortypePAGrand CanyonView Looking Down Pine Creek From Harrison Lookout
ColortypePAGrand ViewGrand View Point: Beech Pavilion
ColortypePAGrand ViewGrand View Point: View Across Highway From Hotel
ColortypePAGrand ViewGrand View Point: View From Hotel Looking Down Hwy. Grade
ColortypePAHarrisburgEducational Building
ColortypePAHarrisburgHotel Harrisburger
ColortypePAHarrisburgHotel Penn Harris
ColortypePAHarrisburgMarket Street Bridge
ColortypePAHarrisburgPayne-Shofmaker Building & Pine St. Presbyterian Church
ColortypePAHarrisburgPennsylvania State Capitol: Angle View
ColortypePAHarrisburgPennsylvania State Capitol: Front View
ColortypePAHarrisburgSpanish War Monument
ColortypePAHarrisburgSunken Gardens: World War Memorial
ColortypePAHarrisburgY.M.C.A. Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAHazletonHazleton Presbyterian Home: Unit Number Five
Whitman's PhototypesPAHillsgroveAlong Loyal Sock (sic) Above Hillsgrove, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAHillsgroveHigh Knob, Sullivan County, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAHonesdaleSteve's Diner: Interior View
Whitman's PhototypesPAIndiantown GapMilitary Reservation: Attacking Through Gas
Whitman's PhototypesPAIndiantown GapMilitary Reservation: The Colors Pass In Review (On Horseback)
Whitman's PhototypesPAIndiantown GapThe Gap from 28th Division Headquarters
Whitman's PhototypesPAIndiantown GapTypical Country Side Near Military Reservation
Whitman's PhototypesPAKemptonHawk Mountain Sanctuary: Famous Fall Flights
Whitman's PhototypesPAKemptonHawk Mountain Sanctuary: View from the Lookout
Whitman's PhototypesPAKemptonHawk Mountain Sanctuary: View Northwards
Whitman's PhototypesPAKemptonHawk Mountain Sanctuary: Wooded Slopes
ColortypePALaceyvilleThe Brick House Tourist Home
ColortypePALancasterFranklin & Marshall College: Science Building
ColortypePALancasterIndian Rock (Gen. Hand Plaque)
ColortypePALancasterLancaster Theological Seminary
ColortypePALancasterOld Factory Bridge near General Hand's Home…..
Whitman's PhototypesPALaporteForksville Road
Whitman's PhototypesPALaporteLake Mokoma
Whitman's PhototypesPALaporteLake Mokoma: Aerial View
Whitman's PhototypesPALaporteLake Mokoma: Bathing Beach
Whitman's PhototypesPALaporteLake Mokoma: Sailboats
Whitman's PhototypesPALaporteMokoma Inn
ColortypePALewisburgBucknell University: Botany Building
ColortypePALewisburgBucknell University: Campus View Showing Old Main
ColortypePALewisburgBucknell University: Campus Walk
Whitman's PhototypesPALewisburgBucknell University: East College
Whitman's PhototypesPALewisburgBucknell University: Hunt Hall
ColortypePALewisburgBucknell University: Literature Building
ColortypePALewisburgBucknell University: Observatory and College Inn
ColortypePALewisburgBucknell University: Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Whitman's PhototypesPALewisburgBucknell University: The Quadrangle
Whitman's PhototypesPALewisburgCourt House
ColortypePALewisburgFederal Building
Whitman's PhototypesPALewisburgFirst Presbyterian Church
ColortypePALewisburgSesquehanna River Bridge
ColortypePALewistownGrave Evangelical Church
Whitman's PhototypesPALewistownGreen Gables Hotel
ColortypePALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Front Angle View
ColortypePALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Interior View
ColortypePALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Side View
Whitman's PhototypesPALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Side View w/Fountain
Whitman's PhototypesPALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Side View w/Pavilion
ColortypePALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Signpost
ColortypePALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Sun Porch (View 1)
Whitman's PhototypesPALewistownGreen Gables Hotel: Sun Porch (View 2)
ColortypePALewistownJack's Bridge
ColortypePALewistownLewistown High School
ColortypePALewistownThe Old Pennsylvania Canal
ColortypePALewistownTrinity Reformed Church
ColortypePALibertyMountain View Inn
ColortypePALiverpoolBruaw's Service Station and Bar-B-Que
ColortypePALock HavenState Teachers College
ColortypePALock HavenThe New Fallon Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesPAMahaffeyBaptismal Service
Whitman's PhototypesPAMahaffeyBell Tower
Whitman's PhototypesPAMahaffeyCottage Scene
Whitman's PhototypesPAMahaffeyMahaffey Camp Meeting: Dining Room Line
ColortypePAMifflintownHigh School
ColortypePAMifflintownJuniata County Court House
ColortypePAMifflintownPresbyterian Church
ColortypePAMifflintownPresbyterian Church
ColortypePAMifflintown (Near)Beauty Spot Along JuniataRiver on Wm. Penn Highway
ColortypePAMilanColonial Haven
Whitman's PhototypesPAMillheimPenn's View
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonFirst Evangelical Church
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonFront Street
ColortypePAMiltonHotel Bartram Coffee Shoppe
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonHotel Milton
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonMasonic Temple
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonPost Office
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonStreet Scene
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonThe Armory
Whitman's PhototypesPAMiltonView of Milton, Pa. From Central Oak Heights
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontandonOld Schoolhouse and Church
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontoursvilleAlong the Loyalsock
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontoursvilleMain Street
ColortypePAMontoursvilleMontoursville High School
ColortypePAMontoursvilleOld Canal Lock Along Susquehanna River
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontoursvilleSherman's Restaurant (3 View Postcard)
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontoursvilleThe Old Swimming Hole on the Loyalsock
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseBurial Place of Dr. R.A. Torrey
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseCourt House
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseElk Lake
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseEpiscopol Church
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseFirst Baptist Church
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseFirst Presbyterian Church
ColortypePAMontroseGolf Course and Lake
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseHeart Lake
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseHigh School and Park
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseHotel Naumann
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseLackawanna Trail Looking North near Montrose, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseLackawanna Trail, Looking South Near Montrose, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseLake Montrose
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseLake Montrose From Conference Hill
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseLower Falls Salt Spring
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMethodist Episcopol Church
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMiddle Falls Salt Springs
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Auditorium
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Dining Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Dr. R.A. Torrey & Dr. Arno Gaebelein
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Old Homestead Inn
ColortypePAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Tent
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Torrey Lodge
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Torrey Lodge: East Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Torrey Lodge: Expansive Lawn
ColortypePAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: Torrey Lodge: Main Entrance (sic)
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Bible Conference: View of Park and Torrey Lodge
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Inn (View 1)
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Inn (View 2)
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Inn In Snow
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Inn: Interior (View 1)
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseMontrose Inn: Interior (View 2)
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontrosePublic Avenue
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontrosePublic Library and City Hall
ColortypePAMontrosePublic Sqaure
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseTripp Lake
Whitman's PhototypesPAMontroseUpper Church Street
ColortypePAMuncyFern Park (Tourist Camp)
ColortypePAMuncyHotel Stover
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyMuncy Historical Society
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyMuncy Historical Society: Bedroom
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyMuncy Historical Society: Garden Entrance and Doorway
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyMuncy Historical Society: Kitchen
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyMuncy Historical Society: Sitting Room
ColortypePAMuncyMuncy in the Distance
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyMuncy in the Distance
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyMuncy-Muncy Creek Public School
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyNew Post Office
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncySouth Main Street
Whitman's PhototypesPAMuncyState Industrial Home For Women: Administration Building
ColortypePAMuncyWarrior's Run Presbyterian Church
Whitman's PhototypesPANew FreedomGrove View From Pump
Whitman's PhototypesPANew FreedomRev. Samuel W. McGarvey at Pump
Whitman's PhototypesPANew FreedomSummit Grove Camp
Whitman's PhototypesPANew FreedomSummit Grove Camp: Cars Parked
Whitman's PhototypesPANew FreedomSummit Grove Camp: Tent Grove
Whitman's PhototypesPANew FreedomTabernacle Grounds
ColortypePANewvillePresbyterian Home of Central Pennsylvania
Whitman's PhototypesPANewvillePresbyterian Home of Central Pennsylvania: Manor Home
Whitman's PhototypesPANewvillePresbyterian Home of Central Pennsylvania: Newville Annex
Whitman's PhototypesPANewvillePresbyterian Home of Central Pennsylvania: Parker Home
Whitman's PhototypesPANewvillePresbyterian Home of Central Pennsylvania: The Andrews Annex
ColortypePANorth TowandaView from The Crest On The Sullivan Trail Bet. Ulster and Towanda
ColortypePANorthumberlandConcrete Bridge on Susquehanna Trail
ColortypePAPocono PinesIn The Woods at Pocono Pines, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAPocono PinesLutherland: Camp Beaverbrook Inspiration Grove
Whitman's PhototypesPAPocono PinesLutherland: Camp Beaverbrook Rustic Entrance
ColortypePAPort AlleganyCanoe Place Inn w/Automoble in Entrance Driveway
ColortypePAPort AlleganyCanoe Place Inn w/oAutomobile in Entrance Driveway
Whitman's PhototypesPAPoweysCarson Bros. Powys Park (sic) (Cogan Station)
ColortypePAPoweysPoweys Rocks on Susquehanna Trail
ColortypePAPoweysThe White House
ColortypePAPoweysThe White House: Interior View
Whitman's PhototypesPARed RockRicketts Glen State Park: Beautiful Falls (Horizontal Card)
Whitman's PhototypesPARed RockRicketts Glen State Park: Beautiful Falls (Vertical Card)
Whitman's PhototypesPARoaring BranchRockview (Restaurant and Gasoline Filling Station)
Whitman's PhototypesPARummerfieldBeautiful View along the Susquehanna
Whitman's PhototypesPARummerfieldRed Rocks on Route 6
Whitman's PhototypesPARummerfieldRed Rocks on Route 6
Whitman's PhototypesPARummerfieldRummerfield Mountain on U.S. 6
Whitman's PhototypesPARummerfieldTwin Cuts on Route 6
Whitman's PhototypesPASalladsburgJim Cohick's Residence
ColortypePASalladsburgJim's Bathing Beach
Whitman's PhototypesPASayre40 & 8 General Sullivan Engine and Tender
Whitman's PhototypesPASayreLehigh Station, Shops in the distance
Whitman's PhototypesPASayreState Hospital
Whitman's PhototypesPASayreStreet Scene
Whitman's PhototypesPASayreView From the Crest on Sullivan Trail Near Sayre
Whitman's PhototypesPASayre (Athens)Turn O' the Rocks Overlooking Tioga Point
ColortypePASelinsgroveFarmers Bank
ColortypePASelinsgroveFirst National Bank and Post Office
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveHotel Governor Snyder
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveSusquehanna University: Charles Steele Science Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveSusquehanna University: Entrance
ColortypePASelinsgroveSusquehanna University: Hassinger Dormitory
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveSusquehanna University: Hassinger Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveSusquehanna University: Phi Mu Delta Fraternity House
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveSusquehanna University: Siebert Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveSusquehanna University: The Gymnasium
Whitman's PhototypesPASelinsgroveThe New High School Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAShippensburgMorrison Hotel And Restaurant
Whitman's PhototypesPAShippensburgState Teachers College: Campus
Whitman's PhototypesPAShippensburgState Teachers College: Gymnasium
ColortypePAStanding StoneRed Rocks Near Bite-Bar From Standing Stone Narrows
Whitman's PhototypesPAStanding StoneStanding Stone in the Susquehanna
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeAutoport Cabins: Long Row of Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeAutoport Cabins: Main Building and Gas Pumps
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeAutoport Cabins: Patio in Foreground With Rocking Chairs
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeAutoport Cabins: Soda Fountain Interior
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeAutoport Cabins: View of Three Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeHotel State College (Three View Postcard)
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Alpha Kappa Pi Fratenity
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Atherton Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Auditorium
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Botany Building
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Dairy Barn
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Dairy Building
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Delta Chi Fraternity
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Education Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Educational Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Entrance to Campus
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Frances Atherton Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Grange Dormitory
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Home Economics Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Liberal Arts Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Library-Education-Liberal Arts
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Main Engineering Building
PhototypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: McAllister Hall
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: McAllister Hall
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Mineral Industries Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: New College Library
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: New Main Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: New Old Main
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Nittany Lion Inn
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Nittany Mountain
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Ponds Chemical Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Power House
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Recreation Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Sigma Pi Fraternity
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: The Carnegie Library
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegePennsylvania State College: University Club
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Watts-Frear and Varsity Halls
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Womens Building
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeView along Highway (322) Between State College/Lewistown
Whitman's PhototypesPAState CollegeView of Bald Eagle Valley Near State College
ColortypePAState CollegePennsylvania State College: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
ColortypePASunburyShikellamy's Profile
Whitman's PhototypesPASunburyThe City Hotel
ColortypePASunburyView Across Susquehanna From Site of Fort Augusta
ColortypePASunbury (Near)Girty's Face - Horizontal View - Distant - Trees Bare
Whitman's PhototypesPASunbury (Near)Girty's Face - Horizontal View - Distant - Trees With Foliage
ColortypePASunbury (Near)Girty's Face - Vertical View - Close-up From Left Side
Whitman's PhototypesPASusq. Water GapAlong the Beautiful Susquehanna
ColortypePASusq. Water GapThe Beautiful Susquehanna River
ColortypePASusquehanna TrailA Beauty Spot In The Mountains On Susquehanna Trail
ColortypePASusquehanna TrailTop of Steam Valley Moluntain
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaBridge Across Susquehanna River
ColortypePATowandaCourt House
ColortypePATowandaHotel Kaufman
ColortypePATowandaLake Wesauking
ColortypePATowandaLooking North From Bridge Street Bridge
ColortypePATowandaLooking South From James Street Bridge
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaMaple Lodge w/ Closed In Porch
ColortypePATowandaMaple Lodge w/Open Porch
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaMaxwell's Tourist Home
ColortypePATowandaNorth Towanda Inn
ColortypePATowandaRamble Inn
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaRiverside Cemetery: Grave of David Wilmot
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaTerminal Restaurant
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaThe David Wilmot Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaThe Scovell Tourist Home
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaView of Towanda, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaWhen in Towanda it is Hotel Kaufman (Multi-View)
Whitman's PhototypesPATowandaYork House
Whitman's PhototypesPATrout RunAlong the Susquehanna Trail in the Pennsylvania Mountains
Whitman's PhototypesPATrout RunDividing of the Trails (Routes 14 and 15)
ColortypePATrout RunTop of Steam Valley Moluntain, Susquehanna Trail
ColortypePATrout RunTrout Run Service Station
ColortypePATroyThe Elms
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannock Tourists - Mrs. George Sherwood, Hostess
ColortypePATunkhannockCourt House
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockHigh School
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockHotel Prins (sic)
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockLake Carey: Bathers From The Cottages
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockLake Carey: Sailboats
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockLakewood Inn: Three Interior Views
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockMain Street
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockThe Armory
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockThe Ray W. Greenwood Memorial Chapel
Whitman's PhototypesPATunkhannockThe Ray W. Greenwood Memorial Chapel: Corner in Auditorium
Whitman's PhototypesPATyroneIn the Mountains on Route 322 near Tyrone, Pa.
ColortypePATyronePost Office and Masonic Temple
Whitman's PhototypesPATyroneThe West Virginia Pulp And Paper Co. Plant
ColortypePAU.S. Route 15On The Susquehanna Trail
Whitman's PhototypesPAUlsterUlster Bridge
ColortypePAWellsboroAlong Roosevelt Highway Between Wellsboro & Coudersport
ColortypePAWellsboroHigh School
ColorypePAWellsboroPublic Park
ColortypePAWellsboroThe Green Free Library
ColortypePAWellsboroTioga County Court House
Whitman's PhototypesPAWest BurlingtonMethodist Church Built in 1822
Whitman's PhototypesPAWest MiltonCentral Oak Heights: Bell Tower and Pump
Whitman's PhototypesPAWest MiltonCentral Oak Heights: Entrance Showing Memorial Trees
ColortypePAWilliamsportA Pool in Mosquito Valley
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportAlong the Beautiful Loyal Sock (sic)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportAlong the Loyalsock
ColortypePAWilliamsportBodle's Barbecue and Filling Station
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportComing Down Trail 15 Near Williamsport, Pa.
ColortypePAWilliamsportFalls on a Trout Stream
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportFirst Baptist Church
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportHills and Valleys Near Lycoming Hotel (Loysalsock Creek)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportHills and Valleys Near Lycoming Hotel (Montoursville)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportHills and Valleys Near Lycoming Hotel (Parting of the Trails)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportHills and Valleys Near Lycoming Hotel (Susquehanna River)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportHills and Valleys Near Lycoming Hotel (Waterfall on a Trout Stream)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportLycoming College
ColortypePAWilliamsportMountain Scene Along the Loyalsock Near Williamsport, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportOld Hog-Back Between Williamsport and Canton on Route 14
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportOld Sugarloaf Mountain Route 14 Between Wmsport/Canton
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportPanoramic View From Williamsport-Montgomery Pike
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportPark Home
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportPie Mountain Along Susquehanna Trail Near Williamsport, Pa.
ColortypePAWilliamsportSt. Paul's Lutheran Church
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportSugar Loaf Mountain on Route 145, Minnequa Trail…….
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportSylvandell Along the Susquehanna
ColortypePAWilliamsportThe Beautiful Loyalsock Near Williamsport, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportThe Dickinson Seminary and Junior College
ColortypesPAWilliamsportThe Masonic Temple, Corner of 4th and Market Streets
Whitman's PhototypesPAWilliamsportThe Old Lock
ColortypePAWilliamsportWilliamsport Hospital
ColortypePAWoodwardThe Woodward Inn
ColortypePAWyalusingWyalusing Hotel: Wigwam Grill
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksLog Cabin Inn (Historical Monument at Left)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksLooking South
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksSeventeen Modern Log Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksSusquehanna River From Indian Lookout
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksThe Log Cabin
ColortypePAWyalusing RocksThe Log Cabin (Historical Monument at Left)
ColortypePAWyalusing RocksLooking West From Wyalusing Rocks, Pa.
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksThe Marie Antoinette
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksThe Marie Antoinette (1 exterior and 2 interior views)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksThe Rocks
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksThe Rustic Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksThe Stone Face
ColortypePAWyalusing RocksView From Indian Lookout (View 1)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksView From Indian Lookout (View 2)
ColortypePAWyalusing RocksView From Indian Lookout (View 3)
ColortypePAWyalusing RocksView from the Wyalusing Rocks (mist)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksView Looking South From Crest
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksView Looking South From Marie Antoinette
Whitman's PhototypesPAWyalusing RocksView of Log Cabin Grounds From Hill
ColortypePAWyalusing RocksWyalusing Rocks
Whitman's PhototypesPAWysoxRock Ledges Along U.S. 6
Whitman's PhototypesPAWysoxStanding Stone Narrows on the Susquehanna
ColortypePAWysoxThe Conklin House (View 1)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWysoxThe Conklin Home (View 2)
Whitman's PhototypesPAWysoxTop O' The Hill
Whitman's PhototypesPADeer in Pennsylvania's Forest
Whitman's PhototypesPAMother Bear and Cub. Watch Out
Whitman's PhototypesPAMother Bear and Three Cubs

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Other States Card List

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Card TypeStateCityDescription
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonJefferson Memorial at Cherry Blossom Time
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonLincoln Memorial: Lincoln's Statue Viewed Through Columns
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonLincoln Memorial: Outside View
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonLincoln Memorial: Through the Cherry Blossoms
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonThe Cherry Blossoms
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonThe Washington Monument
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonThe White House
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonU.S. Congressional Library
Whitman's PhototypesDCWashingtonUnited States Capitol
Whitman's PhototypesDCArlingtonTomb of the Unknown Soldiers (VA Locale; Washington DC Set)
Whitman's PhototypesDCMount VernonMount Vernon (VA Locale; Washington DC Set)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: Cookman Hall
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: Curtis Hall
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: Faith Hall
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: Harrison Rhodes Memorial Library
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: John O. Gross Science Hall
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: Keyser Laboratory School
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: President's Home
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: Science Hall
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBethune-Cookman College: White Hall
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachBlack Bear Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachColonial Inn
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachDaytona Beach Audiorium
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachElam's Beach Bungalows
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachEntrance to Sunrise Village
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachFlamingo Motor Court Built in 1940
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachGilbert Hotel (3 View Postcard)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachHotel Whitehall on the Famous Beach
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachHotel Whitehall on the Famous Beach (3 View Postcard)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachIvy Lane Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachJohnston's Coffee Shop (Two View Postcard)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachLighthouse Court (Cottages)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachMarest Apartments
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachMembrey's Ocean Court Cottages
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachMorgan Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachNew Cortez
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachOcean Park Hotel and Wonder Beach (3 Views)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachPalm Circle Villas, View 1
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachPalm Circle Villas, View 2
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachPalm Circle Villas, View 3
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachPier Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachPoinsettia Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachPrince George Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachR.E. Olds Hall
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachRoyal Arms (3 View Card)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachSeashore Apartments
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachSnow White Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachSouth Seas Cottages
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachStreamline Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachSuwanee College: Princess Issena Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Clarendon Hotel (original)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Clarendon Hotel (w/reopening announcement)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Colonial Inn
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Fairfield
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Fernwood Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Fishing Pier and Casino
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Geneva Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Ocean Shore Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Oleander Inn
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Papaya Farm
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Robert Wendell (Guest Rooms)
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Seminole Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Seville Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachThe Sheraton Plaza
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachTrails End Motor Court
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachWaldorf Apartments
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachWolff Cottages
Whitman's PhototypesFLDaytona BeachWolverine Apartments
Whitman's PhototypesFLDeLeon SpringsPonce De Leon Springs Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesFLEau GallieRocky Water Park (3 Views)
Whitman's PhototypesFLHolly HillFlamingo Motor Court
Whitman's PhototypesFLHolly HillWhitie's Suniland Trailer Park
Whitman's PhototypesFLNew SmyrnaChamber of Commerce and Community Building
Whitman's PhototypesFLNew SmyrnaPoole's Modern Camp: Cabins w/people sitting
Whitman's PhototypesFLNew SmyrnaPoole's Modern Camp: Cabinsw/automobile
Whitman's PhototypesFLNew SmyrnaRedland Camp (Tourist Cottages)
Whitman's PhototypesFLNew SmyrnaYacht Club
Whitman's PhototypesFLOrlando/SanfordFlorida's Giant Cypress "The Senator"
Whitman's PhototypesFLSharpesThe Ard Groves
Whitman's PhototypesFLSilver SpringElectric Powered Glass Bottom Boat
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineFort Marion: The Main Watch Tower
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineFountain of Youth Park: Main Entrance
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineHotel Ponce De Leon
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineHotel Ponce De Leon: Ball Room
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineHotel Ponce De Leon: Peacock Alley
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineHotel Ponce De Leon: Shenstone Quotation at Top of Steps
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineHotel Ponce De Leon: West Wing of Dining Room
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineLittle Cedar Schoolhouse
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineMarsh Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesFLSt. AugustineOld City Gates
Whitman's PhototypesFLTomoka RiverTropical Scene Along Tomoka River
Whitman's PhototypesFLWest Palm BeachFlagler Apartments
Whitman's PhototypesFLWinter ParkRollins College: Knowles Chapel
Whitman's PhototypesGASea IslandAir View of The Cloister and Cloister Apartments
Whitman's PhototypesGASea IslandOcean View of Ashantilly and Retreat Beach Houses at Cloister
Whitman's PhototypesMABlandfordCongregational Church
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie at 92
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie at 92 (version 2)
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie House (Pencil Sketch)
ColortypeMDFrederickBarbara Fritichie House: Articles of Clothing
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie House: Bedroom
ColortypeMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie House: Bedroom Furniture
ColortypeMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie House: China & Silver Owned by Fritchie
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie House: Interior
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie Tourist Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritchie Tourist Cabins
Whitman's PhototypesMDFrederickBarbara Fritichie's Home
ColortypeMDFrederickRiehl's Spring
Whitman's PhototypesMDGermantownCider Barrel - Woman Watering Flowers
Whitman's PhototypesMDGermantownCider Barrel (Minature Postcard)
ColortypesMDGermantownValley View Park: Cider Barrel and Windmill
Whitman's PhototypesMDThurmontHoover's Blue Mountain Camp
Whitman's PhototypesMDUrbanaPeter Pan Inn and Club - Version 2
Whitman's PhototypesMDUrbanaPeter Pan Inn and Hot Cha - Version 1
Whitman's PhototypesMENo. LovellWarden French and his friend Stoneham (Moose)
Whitman's PhototypesMIDetroitThe Anchorage (Tourist Home)
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleAlbemarle Inn (3 View Postcard)
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleBattery Park Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleBeaver Lake
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleGrove Park Inn
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleGrove Park Inn: Interior View of Lobby
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleGrove Park Inn: Interior View Sitting Room
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleShady Rest Tourist Home
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleThe George Vanderbilt Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleThe Manor (Hotel)
Whitman's PhototypesNCAshevilleThe Manor (Hotel): Lounge, Dining and Bed Rooms 3 Views
Whitman's PhototypesNCBlack MountainMonte Vista Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesNCDurhamDuke University: Chapel and Library
Whitman's PhototypesNCDurhamDuke University: Few Dormitory
Whitman's PhototypesNCHendersonvilleAlong Highway Between Hendersonville and Chimney Rock
Whitman's PhototypesNCHendersonvilleBowen Hotel (3 View Card)
Whitman's PhototypesNCHendersonvilleEcho Inn: Dining Room
Whitman's PhototypesNCHendersonvilleFassifern School for Girls (From a Painting)
Whitman's PhototypesNCHendersonvilleThe Skyland Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesNCHendersonvilleThe Skyland Hotel (3 View Postcard)
Whitman's PhototypesNCLake LureLake Lure Inn
Whitman's PhototypesNCMars HillMars Hill College: Brown Dormitory
Whitman's PhototypesNCMars HillMars Hill College: Charles M. Wall Science Building
Whitman's PhototypesNCMars HillMars Hill College: Dr. W.F. Robinson Memorial Infirmary
Whitman's PhototypesNCMars HillMars Hill College: Moore Hall and Spilman Home
Whitman's PhototypesNCMontreatAnderson Auditorium: Interior
Whitman's PhototypesNCMontreatAssembly Inn: Vew of Dining Room
Whitman's PhototypesNCMontreatAssembly Inn and Lakeside Book Store
Whitman's PhototypesNCMontreatMontreat College: College Hall Dormitory
Whitman's PhototypesNCMontreatWorld Fellowship Building, Geneva Hall et al Across Lake Susan
Whitman's PhototypesNCPenlandPenland School of Handicrafts: Edward Worst Craft House
Whitman's PhototypesNCPenlandPenland School of Handicrafts: Pancakes For Breakfast
Whitman's PhototypesNCPenlandPenland School of Handicrafts: Tapestry Design
Whitman's PhototypesNCPenlandPenland School of Handicrafts: Tee River and the Peak
Whitman's PhototypesNCTryonEpiscopol Church
Whitman's PhototypesNCTryonLittle Orchard. Residence of Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Flynn
Whitman's PhototypesNCTryon1000 Pines Inn, Gillette Woods
Whitman's PhototypesNCTryonThe Auberge
Whitman's PhototypesNCTryonThe Corn Crib, Hunting Country
Whitman's PhototypesNCTryonValhalla Hand Weavers
Whitman's PhototypesNCWeavervilleCamp Sequoyah: Bird's Eye View
Whitman's PhototypesNCWeavervilleCamp Sequoyah: The Lake
Whitman's PhototypesNCWeavervilleCamp Sequoyah: The Lodge
Whitman's PhototypesNHBristolNutting Beach Camp Ground: View From a Cabin Porch
Whitman's PhototypesNHLisbonOgontz Camp
ColortypeNYBinghamtonCentral Y.M.C.A. (3 Views Exterior (1) and Interior (2)
ColortypeNYBinghamtonCourt and Chanango Streets
ColortypeNYBinghamtonMasonic Temple
ColortypeNYBinghamtonMemorial Bridge and General Clinton's Camp Site
ColortypeNYBinghamtonMemorial Bridge Over Chenango River
Whitman's PhototypesNYBinghamtonTom's Diner: Interior View
Whitman's PhototypesNYCazenoviaLincklaen House
Whitman's PhototypesNYElmiraMark Twain's Study
Whitman's PhototypesNYElmiraMark Twain's Study: Interior
Whitman's PhototypesNYElmiraMark Twain's Summer Home: Quarry Farm
Whitman's PhototypesNYElmiraSullivan's Monument
Whitman's PhototypesNYElmiraView Chemung Valley
Whitman's PhototypesNYElmiraWiesmer Tourist Home
Whitman's PhototypesNYEndicottEndicott Free Library - Greetings from Endicott, N.Y.
Whitman's PhototypesNYEndicottIBM Corporation
Whitman's PhototypesNYEndicottIBM Factory, School and Laboratory
Whitman's PhototypesNYEndicottIBM Homestead
Whitman's PhototypesNYEndicottIBM Schoolhouse
ColortypeNYEndicottSquare Deal Arch (Endicott-Johnson Corporation)
Whitman's PhototypesNYHector FallsHector Falls Cabins: Cabins 4, 5 and 6
Whitman's PhototypesNYHector FallsHector Falls Cabins: Cottage No. 1
Whitman's PhototypesNYHector FallsHector Falls Cabins: Double Cottage
ColortypeNYHector FallsHector Falls Cabins: Restaurant & Gas Pumps
ColortypeNYHector FallsHector Falls Cabins: Twin Falls
ColortypeNYHector FallsHector Falls Cabins: View From Top of Twin Falls
ColortypeNYHector FallsSummer House Overlooking The Lake
Whitman's PhototypesNYHector FallsThe Falls
ColortypeNYIthacaButtermilk Gorge: From Pinnacle Rock
ColortypeNYIthacaButtermilk Gorge: Pinnacle Rock
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCascadilla Falls
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCornell University: Animal Husbandry and Dairy Buildings
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCornell University: Bailey Hall
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCornell University: Baker Dormitory
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCornell University: Far Above Cayuga's Waters
PhototypesNYIthacaCornell Uiversity: Home Economics Building
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCornell University: Olin Hall - Chemical Engineering
ColortypeNYIthacaCornell University: Plant Sciences Buildings
ColortypeNYIthacaCornell University: Roberts Hall
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCornell University: Sage Chapel
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaCornell University: Sage College
ColortypeNYIthacaCornell University: Sibley College
Whitman's PhototypesNYIthacaTaughannock Falls From Lookout Point
ColortypeNYIthacaTaughannock Falls In Flood Time
ColortypeNYIthacaTaughannock Falls near Ithaca, N.Y.
Whitman's PhototypesNYMontour FallsChequaga Falls
Whitman's PhototypesNYMontour FallsHillcrest Tourist Camp
Whitman's PhototypesNYMontour FallsThe Wigwam Cabins (3 View Postcard) (Gas Pumps)
Whitman's PhototypesNYMontour FallsThe Wigwams (3 View Postcard) (Moxie Sign)
Whitman's PhototypesNYOswegoThe Ah-Wa-Ga Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesNYThousand Isl. ParkGeneva By The River
Whitman's PhototypesNYWatkins GlenShady Rest Tourist Home
ColortypeNYWatkins GlenThe Homestead
Whitman's PhototypesNYWatkins GlenWhite City Tourist Camp
Whitman's PhototypesNYWatkins GlenWhite City Tourist Camp: College Row
ColortypeNYWaverlyJenkin's Inn
Whitman's PhototypesNYWaverlyThe Cottages at The Iron Kettle
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonChurch Street Looking South From Atlantic
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonFirst (Scotch) Presbyterian Church
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonHeyward-Washington House
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonHuguenot Church
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonMiles Brewton House
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonOld Exchange Building
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonOld Powder Magazine
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonOld Slave Market and Old Fire Engine House
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonSmythe House: Doorway and Pineapple Gates
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonSouth Carolina Hall - St. Michael's Church Steeple in Distance
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonSt. Michael's Church
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonThe Pink House
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonVilla Margherita
Whitman's PhototypesSCCharlestonWilliam Gibbs House
Whitman's PhototypesTNGatlinburgM&O Tea Room
Whitman's PhototypesTNGatlinburgThe French Tavern and Village
Whitman's PhototypesTNGatlinburgThe New Gatlinburg Inn
Whitman's PhototypesVAAlexandriaChrist Church
Whitman's PhototypesVAAlexandriaChrist Church: Interior
Whitman's PhototypesVACharlottesvilleMonticello: Servant's Quarters
Whitman's PhototypesVACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia: Alderman Library
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgHome of Mary Washington
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore: Betty Washington's Bedroom
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore: Guest Room
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore: Mary Washington's Bedroom
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore: Old Kitchen Showing Uncle Backus White
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore: Rear Entrance
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore: Upstair Hall
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgKenmore: View of Garden and Rear View of Home
Whitman's PhototypesVAFredericksburgWashington's Last Interview With His Mother Mary
Whitman's PhototypesVALexingtonRobert E. Lee Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesVALexingtonThe Dutch Inn
Whitman's PhototypesVALexingtonVMI: Cadets on Pershing Square
Whitman's PhototypesVALexingtonWashington & Lee University: General Lee's Study
ColortypeVALexingtonWashington & Lee University: Lee Chapel
ColortypeVALexingtonWashington & Lee University: President's House
ColortypeVALexingtonWashington & Lee University: Ruins Liberty Hall Academy
Whitman's PhototypesVAOrangeJames Madison Hotel
Whitman's PhototypesVAOrangeJames Madision Hotel With Autos Parked at Curb
Whitman's PhototypesVAStratfordStratford Hall: Birthplace of Robert E. Lee
Whitman's PhototypesVAWinchesterSouthern Inn

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