Homer R. Hill B&W Railroad Postcards

Homer R. Hill, proprietor of Hill Press operated as a personal and commercial print shop in Bernardsville, New Jersey, passed away in the year 2000.  Not only a printer by trade but an accomplished amateur photographer and railfan Mr. Hill leaves behind a modest collection of black and white railroad postcards, the subjects of which were personally photographed by him over 40 years from the late 1930s through approximately 1990.  All printing of the postcards was handled in his own shop.

There is a primary focus on railroads operating in North Jersey (Erie, DL&W, NYO&W, PRR, Lehigh Valley, Central of New Jersey, etc.) but his camera accompanied him on personal travels as evidenced by other views featuring N&W, CB&Q and Boston & Maine.  Coverage includes the end of the steam era and early dieselization through to the coming of second generation diesels.  There are also steam excursions in the diesel era and a few examples of reproductions of historical photographs dating back to the mid-to-late 1890s.  Many of the photographs show action as opposed to roster shots in both mainline and local service.  All are out of print today so existing numbers are finite but still to be found.

For a postcard collector and/or railfan (both apply to me), Mr. Hill’s series of postcard views provides an opportunity for assembling an interesting assortment of subjects and usually at very reasonable prices in today’s postcard market.  The only drawback to me is that the postcards are not numbered so how many were actually published is yet to be determined.  I now have enough to offer a beginning checklist with hopefully many more yet to be discovered online or at postcard shows.  Since the postcards are not numbered my checklist arrangement is alphabetical first by railroad and second by location. The checklist can also serve to identify key words in finding Homer R. Hill postcards online.

My first Homer R. Hill postcard purchased remains my favorite – a mid-afternoon diesel powered view of the Lehigh Valley’s Black Diamond at Lehighton, Pennsylvania.  The coaches pictured and the Alco PA1 locomotives bring back many memories of similar views witnessed in Towanda in the 1950s.

Mr. Hill also wrote and self-published a pamphlet titled Railfan Potpourri reminiscing about his 40+ years as a railfan and photographer.  It is frequently still to be seen on EBAY and AMAZON.

AMTRAKDC: WashingtonGG1 Electric #4935 Awaiting Dedication1977
AMTRAKNJ: BernardsvilleDiesel Era F-40PH with E-L Test Car1950s
Bangor & AroostookME: N. Maine JunctionBM-2 Diesel Painted For Potatoland Special1980
Boston & MaineNH: CharlestownDiesel Era Southbound Passenger Train1952
Boston & MaineNH: CharlestownSteam Era Local Passenger Train1942
Boston & MaineNH: Charlestown (Near)Steam Era Freight Train at Speed1935
Boston & MaineNH: Claremont Jct.Diesel Era Passenger Train Montreal - New York City1951
Boston & MaineVT: Bellows FallsSB Diesel Passenger Train Connecticut River Bridge1952
Boston & MaineVT: White River Jct.Diesel Era Passenger Train1953
C&NWWI: MilwaukeeSteam Era 4-4-2- #10861933
Canadian NationalON: Bayview TowerSteam Era Doubleheaded eb Freight Train1957
Canadian NationalQC: MontrealSteam Era 4-8-4 #6203 on Turntable 1955
Canadian PacificNB: ChipmanSteam Era Mixed Train1959
Canadian PacificQC: DorvalSteam Era Commuter Passenger Train1954
CB&QIL: BrookfieldSteam Era Passenger Train1934
CB&QIL: ChicagoView Between Locomotives Chicago World's Fair1933
Central VermontVT: Montpelier Jct.Steam Era Locomotive #600 Gets Drink and Oiling1954
CNJNJ: DoverLast Steam Locomotive #814 on Fan Trip1951
CNJNJ: FlemingtonCrew Poses on Camelback on Last Day of Pass. Serv.1953
CNJNJ: NeshanicLast Day of Passenger Service1953
CNJNJ: PlainfieldBudd Diesel Cars1940s
CNJNJ: PlainfieldSteam Era Commuter Passenger Train1930s
CNJNJ: RaritanCNJ Turntable With Locomotives1930s
CNJNJ: RaritanSteam Era Locomotive at Engine Terminal1933
CNJNJ: South AmboySteam Era Shore Commuter Train
CNJNJ: South Amboy (Near)Baldwin Diesel Double ender on Shore Train
CNJNJ: WickatunkSteam Era Fan Trip To Freehold1954
CSXMD: RelayGreenbrier Steam Locomotive #614 - Chessie Safety1980
CSXWV: AltamontGreenbrier Steam Locomotive #614 - Chessie Safety1981
CSXWV: Terra AltaGreenbrier Steam Locomotive #614 - Chessie Safety1980
D&HNY: Port Henry (Near)Diesel Passenger Train Adirondack1975
DL&WNJ: BernardsvilleLackawanna Ramble1980
DL&WNJ: Denville & DoverPhoebe Snow wb With E8 819 on Head End1955
DL&WNJ: Denville Jct.Steam Era Local Passenger Train1950s
DL&WNJ: GladstoneSteam Era Locomotive Heads Local Freight1950s
DL&WNJ: Indian LakeDiesel Era Mainline Freight Train
DL&WNJ: Indian LakeDiesel Era Phoebe Snow Passenger Train1955
DL&WNJ: Indian LakeSteam Era Local Passenger Train1953
DL&WNJ: Indian LakeWb Mued Electric Commuter Cars1950s
DL&WNJ: MorristownDiesel Era Phoebe Snow Passenger Train Appr Station1950
DL&WNJ: MorristownDiesel Era Phoebe Snow Passenger Train At Station1950s
DL&WNJ: MorristownSteam Era Lackawanna Limited Passengder Train1940s
DL&WNJ: NetcongSteam Era Locomotive on Branchville Local1953
DL&WNJ: SummitSteam Era 4-4-0 #914 (Repro)1905
DL&WPA: ScrantonSteam Era 4-6-2 Pacific #11361938
ERIE/B&ONY: Suffern (Near)E-8 #822 and William Mason - Publicity Shot1951
HT&WMA: Hoosac TunnelSteam Era 4-6-0 #21 With Freight1934
Lehigh ValleyNJ: PattenburgEB Diesel Era Local Freight Emerging From Tunnel1959
Lehigh ValleyPA: LehightonDiesel Era Black Diamond Passenger Train1959
Lehigh ValleyPA: HazletonRail Diesel Car #40 at Station1959
MONAD. NOR.VT: Bellows FallsSteam Era Locomotive Pulling Passenger train1950s
Nickel PlateIL: East PeoriaSteam Era Locomotiove #765 on Turntable1980
NJ TransitNJ: BayonneBudd Diesel Cars1976
Norfolk & WesternVA: Blue Ridge Mt.Jawn Henry Steam Turbine1957
Norfolk & WesternVA: Blue Ridge Mt.Steam Era Coal Train Climbing Grade1957
Norfolk & WesternVA: Blue Ridge Mt.Steam Era Helper on Coal Drag1957
Norfolk & WesternVA: Blue Ridge Mt.Steam Era Panoramic View of Coal Train1957?
Norfolk & WesternVA: Blue Ridge Mt.Steam Era Y6B #2141 Leads Doubleheader1956
Norfolk & WesternVA: Blue Ridge Mt.Steam Era Y6B #2166 in Pusher Service1957
NYO&WNY: MiddletownSteam Era 4-8-2 Locomotive #4571930s
NYS&WNY: BinghamtonNorwich Job1983
PennsylvaniaDE: WilmingtonGG1 Elecric #4877 Repainted Tuscan Red1981
PennsylvaniaNJ: CamdenK-4 #7133 Being Serviced in Yard1955
PennsylvaniaNJ: ElizabethGG1 Electric #4894 on Washington, DC Passenger Tr.
PennsylvaniaNJ: HazletSteam Era Local Passenger Train Behind K-41955
PennsylvaniaNJ: JamesburgSteam Era K-4 Locomotive Heads Fan Trip1957
PennsylvaniaNJ: Princeton JunctionGG1 Electric #4935 Heads Broadway Ltd.1977
PennsylvaniaNJ: South AmboyGG1 #4935 on Sb Local1956
PennsylvaniaNJ: South AmboySteam Era Commuter Passenger train1956
PennsylvaniaNJ: South AmboySteam Era K-4 Locomotive on Sb Commuter Train1956
PennsylvaniaPA: Mt. CarmelSteam Era Locomotive Heads Ore train
Rahway ValleyNJ: SummitSteam Era Locomotive #131930s
Raritan RiverNJ: South AmboySteam Era 4-6-0 #19 on Turntable1950s
ReadingNJ: Bound BrookDiesel Era F-7 Heads Eastbound Freight
ReadingPA: Dettinger TunnelSteam Locomotive #2124 on Iron Horse Ramble1959
RF&PVA: AlexandriaSteam Era Southbound Reefer Train1942
Seaboard Air LineNC: RaleighSteam Era Locomotive on sb Florida Train1941
SteamtownPA: ScrantonSteam Doubleheader on Steamtown Train1984
Suncook ValleyNH: Center Barnstead2-6-0 No. 11934