Lyman E. Cox Railroad Chrome Postcard Checklist

A very nice and modestly sized series by the late Lyman E. Cox, Sacramento, California.  The exact number of postcards in the series is yet to be determined but appears to be between 125 and 150.  The emphasis of the series is on Class I western railroads whose names and paint schemes are now mostly gone through mergers.  Action photography predominates although there are a number of roster-style views including a handful of rolling stock, both freight and passenger, rather than the usual motive power on the head end.  Coverage appears to be mostly 1960-1980 but some older historical images are also included.  Not all postcards are identified as to date the subject was photographed.  I particularly like the series for a number of named passenger trains from the streamliner era operating though beautiful and scenic western locales. 

Postcards are regular sized on quality cardstock and numbered using a T prefix (T for Train?).  There is at least one numbering error with two postcards seen to date identified as T-30.  Individually photographed subjects are not credited as to photographer while older images mainly come from the PR files of the respective railroads.  The manufacture of the postcards is either by Johnson in Eau Claire, Wisconsin or Mike Roberts in Berkeley, California.  All postcards in the series are now out of print but may frequently be found on-line on EBAY, BIDSTART or similar services (although not usually identified by series) or at postcard shows.  Names of railroads and other key words from my checklist should assist in searching.


T- 1GNMT: Glacier Natl ParkPassenger Train: Empire Builder
T- 2GNMT: Two Glac BridPassenger Train: Empire Builder
T- 3NPMT: Rocky CanyonPassenger Train: North Coast Limited
T- 4NPMT: MissoulaPassenger Train: North Coast Limited
T- 5NPMT: Helena (Nr)Diesel Mainline Freight
T- 6NPWA: Up. YakimaDiesel Mainline Freight
T- 7NPMT: Nine MileDiesel Mainline Freight
T- 8
T- 9WPDiesel Locomotive FT1942
T- 10
T- 11
T- 12SPCA: RosevilleSteam Locomotive 2-10-2 #37111956
T- 13WPCA: TobinDiesel Mainline Freight
T- 14
T- 15SPCA: MartinezPassenger Train: City of San Francisco1964
T- 16SPCA: MartinezPassenger Train: City of San Francisco1964
T- 17GNMT: Shelby (Near)Passenger Train: Empire Builder1959
T- 18WPCA: SacramentoPassenger Train: California Zephyr1969
T- 19SPCA: Palm SpringsPassenger Train: Golden State
T- 20
T- 21SOU PACCA: San FranciscoPassenger Train: City of San Francisco
T- 22SOU PACCA: Sacra. ValleyPassenger Train: Shasta Daylight
T- 23SOU PACLA: UnidentifiedPassenger Train: Sunset Limited
T- 24SOU PACCA: Santa BarbaraPassenger Train: Coast Starlight
T- 24NOR PACMT: MissoulaDiesel Mainline Freight
T- 25NOR PACMT: Yellow. RiverPassenger Train: North Coast Limited
T- 26UPNE: OmahaCentennial Locomotive DDA-40X #66001969
T- 27UPUT: EchoBig Boy 4-8-8-4 #40191942
T- 28NPMT: BillingsPassenger Train: North Coast Limited1952
T- 29NPMT: ButtePassenger Train: North Coast Limited1950s
T- 30SPCA: Los AngelesFairbanks Morse Trainmaster #48091956
T- 30NPID: Lake CocalallaPassenger Train: North Coast Limited1952
T- 31SPCA: SchellsvilleF-7A #356 (T&NO)1968
T- 32SPUT: Great Salt LakeSteam Passenger Train on Lucin Cutoff
T- 33WPCA: OrovilleOutside Braced Wooden Caboose #6691968
T- 34
T- 35WPCA: OrovilleGP-40 Diesel At Engine Terminal
T- 36WPCA: PortolaPassenger Train: California Zephyr
T- 37SPPassenger Train: Coast Starlight Par-Obs. Car
T- 38
T- 39
T- 40SPCA: Tehachapi MtsPassenger Train: San Jouquin Daylight
T- 41
T- 42SPC.P. Huntington Steam Locomotive/F-7A
T- 43UPSteam Locomotive 4-12-2
T- 44
T- 45
T- 46GNF-45 Cowl Unit in Big Sky Blue Paint Scheme1969
T- 47WPCA: OrovilleGP-40
T- 48WPCA: FremontPassenger Train: California Zephyr1949
T- 49WPCA: KeddieF-7 Freight Units
T- 50WPCalifornia Zephyr Car in Consist of Exposition Flyer
T- 51
T- 52SPCA: SacramentoSteam/Diesel Units - Centennial Portrait1969
T- 53SPPassenger Train: Coast Starlight
T- 54
T- 55SPCA: Santa SusanaPassenger Train: Coast Starlight
T- 56
T- 57WPA-B-B Set F-3 Passenger Diesels
T- 58
T- 59
T- 60
T- 61
T- 62
T- 63
T- 64
T- 65
T- 66B&OB&O Business Car No. 98 Renamed Maggie II
T- 67
T- 68
T- 69
T- 70
T- 71
T- 72
T- 73
T- 74
T- 75NPMT: Jeff. CanyonPassenger Train: North Coast Limited
T- 76
T- 77AT&SFAZ: WilliamsDiesel Mainline Freight
T- 78AT&SFCA: VictorvilleDiesel Excursion Passenger Train 1964
T- 79
T- 80
T- 81
T- 82
T- 83
T- 84
T- 85
T- 86
T- 87
T- 88ICSteam Mainline Freight
T- 89
T- 90AT&SFCA: San DiegoStreamlined D23Pleasure Dome Car On Display
T- 91
T- 92
T- 93
T- 94
T- 95
T- 96
T- 97
T- 98
T- 99
T-109D&RGWSD-45 #5333 (horizontal format)
T-110D&RGWSD-45 #5333 (vertical format)
T-112SPNV: Lucin CutoffPassenger Train: Pacific Limited
T-113SPCA: Sacra. ValleyPassenger Train: Shasta Valley
T-115SPUT: Ogden (Near)Freight Train: F-7 Motive Power
T-119CB&QF-3A and F-3B Diesel Units #124A and #124B
T-122CB&QGP-30 #947 1962
T-125GM&OIL: BloomingtonPassenger Train: Abraham Lincoln1964
T-128SPAZ: VailPassenger Train: Golden State Limited1940
T-129SPAZ: TopazPassenger Train: Arizona Limited1942
T-131SPCA: Santa BarbaraSteam Passenger Train: Coast Daylight
X T- 22NPMT: Bozeman TunDiesel Mainline Freight
X T- 24NPMT: MissoulaDiesel Mainline Freight
X T- 27NPMN: St. PaulBrand New SD-45s Just Delivered