American Colortype Company

The American Colortype Company produced and marketed a set of 28 colored postcards showing both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy in various aspects of training or weaponry. The views depicted are of the World War I era but are domestic locales prior to our involvement in World War I.

Image sides have a black and white or white only text imprint centered at the bottom or along the upper right edge identifying subject matter. The reverse side has a paragraph of explanatory detail taking up the lower half of the message end of the card. Postcards are numbered on the reverse with a publisher imprint for American Colortype Co., Chicago.


1Firing From Skirmish Line
2Machine Gun Squad
3The Armored Machine Gun Car
4Cavalry Scouting
5U.S. Biplane
6Engineers Building Pontoon Bridge
7Type Of Our Coast Defense Guns
8Wall Scaling - An Important Part Of Infantry Training
9U.S. Submarines Awaiting Orders
10Underseas Boat About To Submerge
11U.S. Submarine At Full Speed Ahead
12Contact Mines Ready To Be Laid
13Rescuing A Torpedo After Pracice By USS Utah
14U.S. Navy Hydro-Aeroplane
15Arrival of Recruits Aboard Training Ship
16Troops Guarding Railroad Bridge And Tunnel
17Motor Cycle Machine Gun
18Directing The Range For The Mortars at Fort Wright, Fishers Island, NY
20Light Field Artillery
21Field Hospital - U.S. Army
22A 3-Inch Field Piece In Action
23Just Before Taps
24Machine Gun Company Passing Over a Pontoon Bridge
25A Battery of 4.7" Guns On The March
26Practicing Trench Fighting In Texas
27Two Batteries Of 14-Inch Guns And Turret Crews