Daily Mail War Photographs

The Daily Mail was a major metropolitan newspaper founded in London in 1896 by Harold and Albert Harmsworth and was an immediate success with circulation exceeding 1,000,000 copies daily. Aimed at the lower and middle classes of English society it often found itself editorially at odds with the British government, a sentiment that carried into the early days of World War I. While the paper often took aim at Lord Kitchener, a British hero and Secretary of State for War, and Prime Minister H.H. Asquith, it was very much still patriotic in tone and very supportive of the common soldiers who filled the ranks. During the war the Daily Mail published a number of battlefield images in postcard form.

The postcards were issued in sets of eight postcards. Each is identified by a series number and a chronological running number (i.e. Series 2, No. 9). Oddly, series numbers were printed in both Roman and Arabic numerals. Whether this was inconsistency or multiple printings has not been determined.

The initial three sets totaling 24 postcards were printed in color. Postcards Nos. 25-80 were then printed in black and white format with a number of scenes identical to earlier issued colored ones. It was then back to color for postcards Nos. 81-88, a set featuring a visit of King George V to the trenches on the Western Front. Black and white sepia toned views followed for Nos. 89-96 with color returning for postcard Nos. 97-120.

The checklist which follows has many missing numbers. Hopefully the checklist can be finished in the near term as other postcards from the sets are found and indexed including numbers above 120.


1COLOR1Wounded Tommy To The Photographer "I'm Not A German!"
1COLOR3Church Service Before Battle
1COLOR4British Heavy Gun In Action
1COLOR5Helping An Ambulance Through The Mud
1COLOR6Sir D. Haig Introducing Sir Pertab Singh to Gen. Joffre
1COLOR7Army Chaplain Tending British Graves
1COLOR8Thirsty German Prisoners In Their Barbed Wire Cage
2COLOR9Ypres After Two Years of War
2COLOR10R.A.M.C. Picking Up Wounded In A Captured Village
2COLOR11A "Fag" After A Fight
2COLOR12"Tommy's" Look Out In Captured German Trench
2COLOR13British Mine Exploding at Beaumont Hamel
2COLOR14Crawling To The German Trenches Under Fire
2COLOR15British Machine Gunners Wearing Gas Helmets
2COLOR16A Gallant Rescue Under Fire
IIICOLOR17"Tommy" Finds Shell Holes Comfortable To Sleep In
IIICOLOR18After The First Cavalry Charge July 1916
IIICOLOR19Firing A Heavy Howitzer In France
IIICOLOR20"Tommy" At Home in German Dug-Outs
IIICOLOR21"Black Watch" Pipers Playing To The Captors Of Longueval
IIICOLOR22Gordons Bringing In A Wounded German
IIICOLOR23The Burial Of Two British Soldiers On The Battlefield
IIICOLOR24The Hero: Saving A Wounded Comrade Under Fire
4B&W26London Scottish Going To Their Trenches
4B&W28Loyal North Lancs Regiment Cheering When Ordered To Trenches
5B&W34R.A.M.C. Picking Up Wounded in a Cart
5B&W35The Burial Of Two British Soldiers On The Battlefield
5B&W36A British Heavy Gun in Action
5B&W37Highlanders Pipe Themselves Back From the Trenches
5B&W38Thirsty German Prisoners In Their Barbed Wire Cage
5B&W39British Infantry Practising An Attack
5B&W40Australians Parading For The Trenches
6B&W42The Wiltshires Cheering During the Great Advance
6B&W43The Glorious First of July, 1916 - Our First Prisoners
6B&W44Wounded Tommy To The Photographer "I'm Not A German!"
6B&W46The Fighting Fifth (Northumberland Fusiliers) After Battle of St. Eloi
6B&W48Taking In Prisoners During the Great Advance
VII49Sir D. Haig Introducing Sir Pertab Singh to Gen. Joffre
VII50Decorating a Canadian On The Field Of Battle
VII51Star Shell Bursting Near British Lines
VII52Army Chaplain Tending British Graves
VII54"Tommy's" Look Out In Captured German Trench At Orvillers
VII55London Scottish Going To Their Trenches
VIIB&W56"The Glorious First of July, 1916"--Our First Prisoners
VIIIB&W58"Black Watch" Pipers Playing To The Captors Of Longueval
VIIIB&W59The Burial Of Two British Soldiers On The Battlefield
VIIIB&W63Tommy at Home in German Dug-Outs
VIIIB&W64A Big Mine Exploding
IXB&W65Highlanders Pipe Themselves Back From the Trenches
IXB&W66Bringing In Wounded - An Early Morning Scene
IXB&W69Night Scene On British Front. July 1st 1916
IXB&W70British Infantry Practising An Attack
IXB&W71"Back to Blighty". Boarding The Leave Boat
IXB&W72A British Sentry in Flanders
XB&W73Happy "Tommies" Wearing Hun Helmets
XB&W75A British Heavy Gun In Action
XB&W76The Worcesters Going Into Action
XB&W77"Tommy" Finds Shell Holes Comfortable To Sleep In
XB&W78After the First Cavalry Charges, July, 1916
XB&W79Firing a Heavy Howitzer in France
XB&W80Australians Parading For The Trenches
XICOLOR81The King At The Front. The Smile of Victory
XICOLOR82The King At The Front. King George and King Albert…….
XICOLOR83The King At The Front. A talk to peasants
XICOLOR84The King At The Front. The King meets a hospital matron
XICOLOR85The King At The Front. Attending church service in the Field
XICOLOR86The King At The Front. At the grave of a fallen hero
XICOLOR87The King At The Front. Outside a captured German dug-out
XICOLOR88The King At The Front. A greeting from the troops
XIIB&W89The King At The Front. The Smile of Victory
XIIB&W91One Of Our Monster Guns
XIIB&W93The King At The Front: Attending Church Service in the Field
13COLOR97One Of Our Monster Guns
13COLOR98A Present for the Kaiser
13COLOR99British Chaplain Writing Home For "Tommy"
13COLOR100The King inspecting R.N.A.S. Officers
14COLOR105Anti-aircraft Gunners "Spotting" a Hun Plane
14COLOR106A British Labour Battalion At Work
14COLOR107An Advanced Field Ambulance
14COLOR108King George Meets Wounded Officers
14COLOR109Captured German Guns
14COLOR110An Indian Hotchkiss Gun At Work
14COLOR111A Wiring Party Going Up To The Trenches
15COLOR113Hot Work By Australian Gunners
15COLOR114The Black Watch Returning To Camp
15COLOR116Keeping A Sharp Look-Out
15COLOR117Australian Heavy Gun At Work
15COLOR118Wounded Waiting for the Field Ambulance
XVCOLOR119King George In A Gun Pit
15COLOR120Observation Balloon Ascending