International News Service W.C.A. Series 145 and 146

The International News Service, part of the Hearst newspapers’ organization, provided extensive coverage of early World War I events for the American public back home.  The British quickly took offense to some of the news reporting that seemed pro-German to them and banned INS reporters from access to British telegraphic services for sending trans-Atlantic cables and reports.  INS reporters were then forced to rely on other agencies and reporters for their continued coverage of war events resulting in a decidedly second-hand role.

Two series of postcards were issued by INS early in the war.  They are identified as W.C.A. Series 145 and 146.  Both series were printed in the United States by Underwood & Underwood shortly after their exit from the stereotype market in 1915.  Each series numbered 50 postcards and are numbered consecutively 1-100 without regard to the series number.  The first fifty (Series 145) are fairly easy to find; the second fifty (Series 146) appear to be much scarcer and the subject matter much more randomly chosen.

The postcards are in color.  The image sides have captions in red ink and a white or black imprint for either the International News Service or Underwood & Underwood. Somewhere on the image side and often difficult to find with the naked eye is a small digit or two identifying the card number in the series.  Backs are done in green ink with a caption included on the message half that more fully explains the scene on the image side.  The W.C.A. series number appears along the left edge without reference to the individual card number.


International News Service W.C.A. Series 145
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1A Zeppelin Bomb Explosion at Antwerp
2Belgium's Scattered Army Reassembled
3Marching to Meet the Enemy
4A Moment's Rest
5Scenes in Belgium After the Battle of Haelen
6French Infantry Running Forward To Take Up Fresh Positions
7Belgian Troops in Action Round Louvain
8France's Principal Occupation of Belgium
9The Reality of War
10French Infantry Advancing on the Double Quick
11Belgian Soldiers in the Trenches Near Malines
12Want to Fight For England (Indian Cavalry)
13One of the Belgian Dog-Drawn Machine Guns Off to the Front
14Belgian Troops in Action Round Louvain
15London Scotties March to the Highlands
16The Turcos - The Algerian "Fire Eaters"
17Crown Prince's Own Heliographer Sending Dispatches
18With the French and Belgium Armies
19French Cavalry Crossing the Marne on Pontoon Bridge
20German Uhlans Captured by French Dragoons
21Czar Samples Food of Russian Soldiers
22The Czar Reviewing His Fighters Now in Austria
23Czar's Oldest Daughter Inspecting Her Regiment……
24A Heartrending Photograph From St. Petersburg
25French Moving on the Enemy's Flank
26French Artillery Manoeuvering For Position
27Helping a French Cavalryman Wounded at St. Quentin
28The Battle of the Marne
29German Dirigible "Hansa" Arriving at Potsdam Harbor
30Wounded German Uhlan Received by Belgium Officer at Ostend
31Bread for British Soldiers in France
32British Troops at Havre
33British Highlanders Crossing a Square in Boulogne, France
34German Officers on the Firing Line
35The War Scenes in Northern France
36Charge of Heroic Scotch Highlanders
37Red Cross Workers Carrying Wounded Bugler Into Hospital
38Group of the Royal Family of Europe Now at War. A Family Quarrel
39Artillery of German Army Passing Through Brussels
40Motor Trucks Drawing French Artillery Guns & Ammunition Wagons…..
41Belgian Soldiers Behind the Entrenchments on the Road to Malines
42German Searching Ruins of City of Vise Devastated by Them
43German Infantry May Still Be "The Finest Ever on the Battlefield"
44The Pathetic Side of War
45Regiment of Prince of Wales on Way to the Front
46The Coldstream Guards, the Crack Infantrymen of Great Britain, Passing…..
47German Mobilization - Reservists on the Way to the Railroad Station, Berlin
48Belgian "Guides" Off to the Front
49Refugees Fleeing From Louvain
50French Military Airplane


International News Service W.C.A. Series 146
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52The Interior of the Cathedral at Ypres
53Dutch Kiddies See the Belgian Soldiers
58Scene of the Bombardment of Antwerp
59French Dreadnaught Stocked With Live Cattle From a Transport
60German Raid on Defenseless Towns
61Bringing in their Wounded Corporal
62Harry Lauder's Son Leads a Charge of Argyll Highlanders
64British General John French
65King Albert of Belgium
68French General Joseph Joffre
69Rear Adm. Sir David Beatty, Commander of First Cruiser Squadron
70Admiral Fisher Head of British Admiralty
71Lord Kitchener, Great Britain's Minister of War
72President Raymond Poincaire of France
74Accidents of German Fugitives Fleeing Before the Russians
75Ascent of a Captive Balloon in the Field, to Observe the Enemy
76German Soldiers Resting in a Rifle Pit Near Darkehmen After a Hard Fight
81The King Reviewing the Honorable Artillery Company
83Duke of Connaught Inspecting Canadian Mobilization Camps
84Canadian Recruits Undergo Training at Salisbury
86Kaiser Wilhelm II
88The Brawny Canadian Highlanders in London
89British Aeroplane Brought Down by German Guns
91Zeppelins Raid England
93Emperor Francis Joseph
94General Von Kluck and His Staff
95General Field Marshal Von Hindenburg With His Staff
98One of the Great Guns Used in the Bombardment of Antwerp
99A Big German Shell
100First Aid Nurses of the Yeomanry Corps

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