Kavanaugh's War Postals

In 1916 during the U.S. Army’s Mexican Campaign to capture Pancho Villa, photographic coverage was provided to the American people via a series of black and white postcards published by the Chicago Daily News and credited to G.J. Kavanaugh of El Paso, Texas.  Called war postals, this coverage was expanded with the coming of hostilities for American forces in France in 1917-1918.  A second series of war postals was produced highlighting American fighting men in France from 1917 through the end of the war.  Each postcard contains a caption on the image side and a circular imprint for The Chicago Daily News War Postals.  A reverse side imprint says "The Chicago Daily News.  G.J. Kavanaugh.  War Postal Card Department" on the upper end of the message half.  Cards are not numbered so the exact total is not known but it would seem that 30 is a good estimate.

A Flock of Fighing English Tanks Ready for Action With American Troops France
A German Charge, Fixed Bayonets. Photo Taken From American Lines - France
American Advance, Wounded and Dying Germans Spread Along Road Belleau Wood - France
American Front Line Trench - France (Gens. Pershing and D'Esperey)
American Heavy Artillery Moving Into Action - France
American Tank in Action
American Wounded After Bombardment France
Americans Enroute to the Front, France
Americans Front Line Trench
Artillery in Action
Barbed Wire Cut, Americans Creeping on the Germans With Hand Grenades - Fance
Chow Time
Cold Steel, U.S. Marines First Hand Battle (Painting)
Digging In Quick
Engineers on the Hike
English Tanks and American Infantry In Action - France
Fighting a Gas Attack
First American Troops in Fance
French Machine Gun Fighting
Giving the Germans Gas, French Officers American Infantry - France
Good Bye Girlie
Monsters of Steel in Action - France
No Hot Towels Here
Off For The Front
Old Glory in London
Rookies Arriving in Camp
Salvation Army Making Doughnuts Under Bombardment of German Guns, Front Line - France
The Army's Wireless
The Farewell Review
Up in the blanket
Whippet Tank in Action Troops Digging In - France
Wonderful Night War Photo. American Attack on German Line - France
Y.M.C.A. Dugout Hut at the Front
Yanks Going Into Action - France
Yanks in Front Line Trench Watching No Man's Land - France