Illustrated Postal Card Coal Mining Set 584

Illustrated Postal Card from New York was a major producer of both undivided and divided back postcard sets issued circa. 1901-1915. Series 584 is a sixteen view set depicting the anthracite coal mining process both above and below ground. Interestingly 584-1 is the same colliery pictured in Tuck Series 2516. Image side imprints are in red ink and all begin with Coal Mining; ………….


584- 1Coal Mining; A Complete Colliery In Operation
584- 2Coal Mining; Bottom Of Shaft 1000 ft. Below Surface
584- 3Coal Mining; Hauling Away The Slate
584- 4Coal Mining; Hauling Loaded Cars From a Drift
584- 5Coal Mining; Head Of Shaft
584- 6Coal Mining; Hauling Cars Up a Plane
584- 7
584- 8Coal Mining; Taking Coal Into Breaker
584- 9
584-10Coal Mining; At Foot Of Shaft
584-11Coal Mining; Tunnel Entrance
584-13Coal Mining; Setting Props
584-14Coal Mining; Drilling
584-15Coal Mining; Picking Slate
584-16Coal Mining; Coming Out of Tunnel Homeward Bound


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